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Political reasons to veto SB1070

We would all like to believe our leaders, representatives, public servants, whatever would actually do their jobs and protect our individual rights.  Sure.  Like that is going to happen.
But to Governor Brewer, here are some political reasons for vetoing Arizona's latest real ID law:
SB1070 is yet another national news story embarrassment to Arizona.  Gov. Brewer to become the national Mecham of the 21st Century.

First Comedy Central mocks Arizona:


Police are against it:

Arizona's largest populated border county, Yuma Co. Sheriff's Dept. opposed.  Why would they oppose it?  Because it is another unfunded mandate.


Police Unions opposed.

Takes cops away from their important duties.


AZ may successfully keep cops from being sued in Arizona courts, but they can't keep either them or their departments, or their cities or counties from being sued in federal court on 42 USC 1983 Civil Rights suits.  And you know these suits will come in droves at a time when these cities and counties cannot afford them.  And the state will have to make them whole to keep them from bankruptcy.


Don't expect support from the U.S. Justice Dept. when these civil rights cases start to fly.  They will be filing amicus briefs against Arizona.  Man are lawyers going to be making money off of Arizona's taxpayers!

....  Obama said he's instructed the Justice Department to examine the Arizona bill to see if it's legal, and said the federal government must enact immigration reform at the national level — or leave the door open to "irresponsibility by others."

"That includes, for example, the recent efforts in Arizona, which threaten to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and their communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe," Obama said. ....


Speaking of Arizona's economy:

Scottsdale Convention Bureau: Immigrant bill could cost Super Bowls, conventions


Phoenix Business Journal
by Mike Sunnucks

....make no mistake, the passage of this bill will have unintended, damaging consequences on this [tourism] industry sector that has a $3.6 billion economic impact on the city of Scottsdale,” said Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau CEO Rachel Sacco....

[Every other state's convention bureau is contacting Arizona's upcoming convention clients to offer them a deal to relocate their convention...just as they did for MLK day.
Not to mention turning Gov. Brewer into Mecham II. It's deja vu all over again.]

SB1070's author Russell Pearce tells Catholic Cardinal he should mind his pedophile priests before he criticizes SB1070:

Russell Pearce labels local talk show host and political gadfly, Ernest Hancock a "domestic terrorist" after opposing his SB1070 in a Legislative Alert for 3/16/10 - Update he sent out using his legislative email!   I am sure Mr. Hancock was delighted with the publicity, but it goes to the mindset of SB1070's author.

Mexico don't love us?...and how much does AZ trade with them?

Mexican gov't slams Arizona immigration law


[I happen to like and support Gov. Evan Mecham, and think he would have made a rare great governor.  But I am talking about national perception here.  The forces against Mecham went to great trouble to ridicule him publicly, nationally.  The same leftist and neocon forces are gathering again.]


UPDATE June 10th 2010

http://www.azleg.gov/alispdfs/ council/SB1070-HB2162.PDF

We've been saying that it's section E, E1 and E2 under 11-1051 on page 1 which contains the exchange of law abiding citizens data with homeland security.
The "final" version of the bill has it in section F, F1 and F2.  Everyone I'm bccing have put E, E1 and E2 in their analysis.  Please change that to F, F1 and F2 and link using the link above which is the most up to date version.
I fully expect that once cogent criticisms of the above version circulate in the news, that Pearce will "find" the "real" final version of the bill and we'll get another version switching sections around again.  Just be prepared.  But right now, the provision handing over law abiding citizens data to homeland security, thereby turning Arizona licenses into national ids, is in 11-1051 F, F1 and F2.  Please update any analyses you have posted.

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The Bill is a distraction from the real causes of the failing U.S. Economy... The globalist bankers and the politicians who pander to them. Of course the average sheeple is still a primal drooling glorified chimp when it comes to something like territory. The head apes at the capital point to another primate tribe and start screeching, all the other apes start screeching in unison never realizing the real danger coming over the hill. Mexico's a 3rd world country, as is Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, and many other nations....the U.S is soon to follow. Yet the drooling sheeple are so busy thrashing at shadows that they simply refuse to face reality.

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