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Free Trade: the Elephant In the Room

(Satire news) While Nero fiddles, Rome burns. Obama tries an FDR move with a $50 billion “jobs” bill which is doomed to failure. Tax cuts for businesses aren’t going to bring our jobs back from overseas. The only “free” trade we have is to trade pennies amongst ourselves while the top 20% reaps in 85% of the country’s profits and resources. Obama can’t be so ignorant that he can’t figure out that the “free trade” agreements of Bush Sr & Bill Clinton have KILLED our economy and the economies of other countries. The simplest solution is to cancel all the free trade agreements with other countries and start up our factories again! Did you know that America only has 2% of it’s farmers left? A country that not only grew enough food for itself, but had plenty leftover to donate to less fortunate countries. Now all our food is imported with wonderful additions like salmonella, listeria, e-coli and you name it. Try and find anything in a store in America that says “made in America” on it. You have a better chance of hitting the lottery. This is WHERE the problem is Mr. President. We don’t grow, make or invent anything anymore. Our jobs and souls have been sold up the river to the highest bidder.
As long as people are willing to work for slave wages they will. Do you as an American (or any other nationality reading this) truly want to work to the detriment of your brothers and sisters worldwide? All we are doing is making the fat greedy bankers and top 1% fatter and greedier. They laugh at us all the way to the bank. Free Trade killed Mexico’s economy forcing the Mexicans to come to America to work as virtual slaves. Surely everyone would like to earn their living in their own country close to their families. How many people do you know that had to leave their home and family to go to another state or country to work? All this in the name of “free trade”. There’s nothing free about it except a free ride for the Corporate whores and banksters.
We need to vote with our dollars whatever few you have left. Stop supporting Corporate whores. Stop banking in transnational whore banks. Stop paying for Pentagon lying media. Shop locally grown food. Choose a mom and pop store instead of a franchise. Refuse to work three times harder for the same salary costing your neighbor to lose his job. Sit-ins, stand-ins, die-ins are called for. We have had brave men and women in the past take a stand against the oppressors. It’s way past time to do that again now. Vote anything BUT democrat or republican this season. Show them your disgust! Vote them out.
All the govt and it’s shills give us is fear and depression. They should be fearing us, not the other way around. Grow a pair and take a stand. Get educated then start speaking LOUDLY to anyone with ears to hear. Remember you are either part of the problem or solution.

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Comment by Brock Lorber
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Welcome to FP, Meria.  I see you need a little help with fact-check.  Hopefully, these will get you started:

"We don't make anything anymore": according to the US Manufacturing Output index, US manufactures are almost 5 times more productive than in 1950 and (eyeballing the chart) 50% more productive than in 1996 (NAFTA).

"We don't grow anything anymore": US farm output is 158% greater than in 1948 and 13% higher than 1996.

"We don't invent anything anymore": US patents granted in 2009 are almost 4 times greater than in 1963, and 1.6 times greater than 1996.

I hope you can make use of some facts and hope you get over that collectivism problem.

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