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Strictly Personal By Chuck Baldwin May 5, 2011
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I celebrated my 59th birthday this past Tuesday, May 3. Accordingly, it is time for my annual "Strictly Personal" column.I think it only fair that readers should have an opportunity to learn a little something about the person who writes the words they read. Today's column is designed with that goal in mind. And since Charley Reese (one of my favorite columnists) stopped writing, I am the only syndicated columnist that does this, as far as I know. So, here goes.
I was born in a small town in northern Indiana. My father and mother were dedicated Christians. Dad was a welder by trade and a lay jailhouse preacher. The Lord delivered him from a terrible life of alcoholism, and the story of his deliverance is nothing short of miraculous. Readers should know that I will send a CD of my father's life story, free of charge, to anyone who requests it. If you or someone you know struggles with alcohol or drug addiction, I urge you to obtain a copy of this remarkable story. Go to: http://chuckbaldwinlive.com/home/?p=573
I campaigned for Congressman Ron Paul in the 2008 Republican primaries. After it was obvious that he would not be the Republican Presidential nominee, Constitution Party (CP) leaders strongly encouraged me to seek that party's nomination. They rightly believed that someone was needed to represent constitutional government in the 2008 general election, because it was clear that neither Barack Obama nor John McCain would do so. After defeating former UN Ambassador Alan Keyes in the CP nominating convention, I became the Constitution Party's nominee for President. I was also very honored to have received Dr. Paul's endorsement during that campaign.
I am the husband of one (for almost 38 years), the father of three, and the grandfather of 8. In October of last year (after 35 years in Florida), my family and I made the life-changing decision to move to the great State of Montana, where we now reside and work. My wife and I planted Liberty Fellowship here in the Flathead Valley of Montana. Liberty is a nondenominational Christian fellowship that preaches and teaches the Biblical Natural Law principles of liberty; and Liberty Fellowship is NOT a 501c3 tax-exempt corporation!
Even though Liberty started just 3 months ago, already hundreds of Montanans regularly worship with us, and scores of people have also moved (or are moving) to the Flathead Valley to be part of this Fellowship. We believe Montana, and Liberty Fellowship, are at the "tip of the spear" in the emerging freedom fight that is taking place in this country. Readers should know that we livestream my video messages each Sunday afternoon at 2:30pm (MST). I encourage you to tune in each Sunday to watch these relevant, hard-hitting messages. To watch my messages live, go to: http://chuckbaldwinlive.com/home/?page_id=17 Plus, these video messages are also archived on my web site. These archived video messages may be viewed or downloaded in either video or audio format. To watch my archived video messages, go to: http://chuckbaldwinlive.com/home/?cat=16 At this point, let me add that I am in the process of trying to raise several thousand dollars in order to purchase a professional grade camera and related equipment so as to upgrade the quality of both the video images that people watch as we livestream my messages and the DVDs that we produce. If you are willing to help me with these purchases, checks or money orders may be made payable and sent to: Liberty Fellowship P.O. Box 10 Kila, MT 59920 Remember, donations to Liberty Fellowship are NOT 501c3 tax-deductible.
It is my studied opinion that as long as the IRS and its godless 501c3 corporation status hold pastors and churches captive, a spiritual revival will never take place in this country! That's why people are moving to the Flathead Valley from all over America to be part of Liberty Fellowship. They are tired of their pastors and churches being muzzled and intimidated into compromise and lethargy, and they are equally weary of being considered an outcast or renegade by these preachers and churches who don't have a clue as to what is going on in this country--or if they do, they are too spineless to do anything about it! They are looking for a patriot Christian brotherhood, and they are finding it at Liberty Fellowship! That's why God is bringing a Remnant to the Flathead Valley of Montana!
While in Florida, I hosted several radio programs. In fact, this column is the outgrowth of my radio talk show, Chuck Baldwin Live. Here is the web address: http://chuckbaldwinlive.com/
My personal philosophy regarding social/political issues is quite simple:
I believe abortion is America's national holocaust. It is the deliberate killing of innocent human life.
I believe marriage is, by definition, only between a man and a woman.
I believe the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights to be the greatest civil documents ever devised by man.
I believe America's Founding Fathers to be the greatest generation of Christian philosophers and patriots to ever live.
I believe in the right of the people to keep and bear arms.
I believe there is a conspiracy by elitists within government, Big Business, and academia to surrender America's independence and national sovereignty to a globalist New World Order.
I believe the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, and Bilderbergers are especially culpable in this regard.
I further believe that the current effort to merge the United States into a North American Community and the push to provide amnesty (not to mention billions in federal tax dollars) to millions of illegal aliens comprise a grave threat to America.
I am also convinced that there is a bold and blatant attempt underfoot to turn the United States into a police-state-style surveillance society, in which personal freedoms are being quickly and egregiously sacrificed.
I opposed the preemptive invasion of Iraq and the bombings of Libya. It should be obvious to everyone that the Obama administration is doing nothing--and will do nothing--to change the perpetual war/preemptive war doctrine introduced by George W. Bush.
As to Afghanistan, I strongly supported Ron Paul's Marque and Reprisal Act of 2001, which was (and still is) the constitutional way to resist the efforts of violent terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda.
I opposed the bailouts for Wall Street.
I regard the Federal Reserve as a corrupt cabal of international banksters, whose actions are nothing short of criminal.
I wholeheartedly support the abolition of the Federal Reserve and a return to sound money.
I believe the American people have more to fear from Washington, D.C., than they do from any foreign entity.
I believe the United Nations is a sinister organization from which the United States should withdraw.
I believe the federal government taxes too much, spends too much, lies too much, and snoops too much into the personal lives of the American people.
I believe the federal "war on terror" and "war on drugs" are mostly a cover for power-hungry, Big Government zealots to trample constitutional government and squash freedoms and liberties, which are supposed to be protected by the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence.
I fully support the current State sovereignty movements that are sweeping the country.
I am personally convinced that the best (and perhaps the only) mechanism freedomists have to counter the incessant encroachment upon liberty by the criminals in DC is to focus our attention on electing and supporting governors, legislators, sheriffs, etc., who have the personal courage and constitutional understanding to resist these would-be tyrants in the central government.
If I have any hobbies, they would be hunting and fishing, although I don't get to do either as much as I would like. I am probably what people would call a workaholic.
In addition, I am a firm believer in healthy eating and exercise.
Well, there it is. That is me in a nutshell. At least now you know more about who I am. You can rest assured that everything I write will be faithful to the beliefs mentioned above. And, one more thing: the recession has hurt all of us; and it has affected the income necessary to maintain these columns as well. If you appreciate this work and want to help me continue to advance the cause of liberty and constitutional government, I could really use your help right now. You may use your Visa, Discover, or MasterCard; or you may write a personal check or Money Order. Here is the link to donate: http://chuckbaldwinlive.com/home/?page_id=19 Thank you for helping me in any way you can, and thank you for reading and passing on my columns.
*If you appreciate this column and want to help me distribute these editorial opinions to an ever-growing audience, donations may now be made by credit card, check, or Money Order. Use this link: http://chuckbaldwinlive.com/home/?page_id=19
Chuck Baldwin  

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Comment by Mama Liberty
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"I believe the federal government taxes too much, spends too much, lies too much, and snoops too much into the personal lives of the American people."

 And just what would be acceptable levels of tax (theft), spending (stolen goods), lies and snooping?

 Is it a matter of "too much?"