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An Uncomfortable Discussion

A lot of freedom advocates go out of their way to avoid talking about violent resistance to tyranny. Understandable, they'd rather just use words, win hearts and minds, and try to outlast the current police state garbage going on. But in a way, I think this is a huge mistake.
No, it's not because I just can't wait to kill someone. Even if it is completely justified, I suspect that killing another human being would be a really horrible thing to have to do. I've made it this far without ever being in a real fight, and I hope that holds true for the rest of my life. However, I think the discussion of forced resistance to "legal" evil is of utmost importance.
To say, or to imply, that we never want to resist by force, carries with it the implication that resisting "legal" aggression is actually immoral. Obviously, resisting the control freaks is hazardous, and usually a bad idea practically speaking, but to say that it's actually wrong to resist logically implies that they have the moral right to do whatever they want to us. Even if we go along with control freaks out of self-preservation, the primary message that people need to understand is that rhetoric about "government," and "authority," and "law," cannot make bad into good, or good into bad. "Legal" aggression and extortion is just as immoral as the "illegal" kind, and resisting it is just as righteous (albeit a lot more dangerous).
Of course--of course, of course, of course--I would prefer that humanity chooses peaceful coexistence, and that there isn't violence and bloodshed on the way there. But concepts of self-ownership and a voluntary society are intertwined with the right of self-defense, even against attackers who call their aggression "law." If we cannot discuss that, because we find the topic too unpleasant (which, of course, the idea of killing people is), then we are not sending a complete, consistent message regarding freedom.

So, with that in mind, here is a link to my latest YouTube video, titled "Shooting Cops," which I'm guessing is going to stir up the hornets nest once again. But it needs to be stirred.

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Comment by PureTrust
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Isn't it the 9/11 lie and cover-up that is turning good citizens against their police force and vice versa?

If law enforcement knew that the place to look for the terrorists was inside Government rather than among the American public, much of the friction between the two groups would disappear.

We need to make sure that law enforcement understands the lie and cover-up of 9/11. We need to do this not only for our own good, but so that we can start to trust them to protect us in the event of formal invasion by another country. Why might such an invasion happen? Terrorist Government Officials in our own Government are pushing a foreign policy on the world that is making other nations hate and fear us. And that is the start of what makes for war.

We haven't just started doing this as a nation. We have been doing it in a big way for about 100 years. It has only been the American public who has not realized it.