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Criminal Justice System

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Article Image News Link • Global by Berkeleyside

A jury in Oakland, California found all five Berkeley Antifa members 'not guilty' of misdemeanor assault of a Trump supporter, despite testimony from a police sergeant and firemen who said that all five of the accused kicked and punched the man w

Article Image News Link • Global, By HANNAH MOORE

'It wasn't really the vacation I was looking for': Mormon missionary, 26, jokes with President Trump as he and his family profusely thank him in the Oval Office after he helped secure his release from Venezuelan prison

Article Image News Link • Global, Thomas L. Knapp

In his first 2020 re-election campaign appearance in New Hampshire, US president Donald Trump addressed some of his typical bombast to the so-called "opioid crisis." Read more at

Article Image News Link • Global, by Bill

It caught my attention as I seldom peruse the various political rags and news sites. I consider them complete wastes of time filled with Stalinist (or fascist depending on the source) political drivel, progressive mentality and centrist statism of th

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US law agencies can celebrate another success in their tireless crusade to stop 'unlicensed money transmitting' in the land of the free. The latest victory is sending a 24-year old crime kingpin to federal prison for making $40,000 from trading b

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