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Criminal Justice System

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After three years seeking the extradition from Canada of Chinese business executive Meng Wanzhou, the Justice Department has thrown in the towel by agreeing to a deal that enabled Meng to return freely to China. Meng had been under three years of hou

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There are those who think that the so-called riot or so-called insurrection in the Capitol last January justified the killing of Ashli Babbitt, the Air Force veteran who was shot dead by a still-unidentified Capitol police officer during the melee.

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Police wrongfully arrested a homeless man for a crime committed by another person, locked him up in a state hospital for more than two years, forced him to take powerful medication and then tried to cover up the mistake by quietly setting him free.

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While I was watching a recent video on the New York Times website about an inmate at the Pentagon's and CIA's torture and prison center at Guantanamo Bay, I was struck by the fascinating artistic talent displayed by a prisoner named Moath al-Alwi