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Criminal Justice System

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Article Image News Link • Global, by Tyler Durden

Tucker Carlson savaged the Biden family on Tuesday, hours after it was announced that Hunter Biden would receive a slap on the wrist - and would only be required to plead guilty to simple tax crimes and a gun charge, despite what many would say is ob

Article Image News Link • Global By MICHAEL KUNZELMAN

Less than two months after he pleaded guilty to storming the U.S. Capitol, Texas resident Daniel Goodwyn appeared on Tucker Carlson's then-Fox News show and promoted a website where supporters could donate money to Goodwyn and other rioters whom th

Article Image News Link • Global by Gateway Pundit

Austin, Texas: In July 2020, during the George Floyd protests and riots, Army Sergeant Daniel Perry, who was working as an Uber driver, killed Garrett Foster, a Black Lives Matter protestor who Perry says pointed an AK-47 gun at his car.

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