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Article Image, by Peter Rugh

Earth is melting down like a nuclear reactor. At current rates of warming, Arctic sea ice will melt away by 2030.

Article Image, Common Dreams staff

Despite the ongoing environmental and public health disasters left in the wake of BP's Deepwater Horizon "oilpocalypse" two years ago, deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is "back with a vengeance."

Article Image, By Julia Whitty

Most news from nature is depressing—species extinctions, changing climate, dying oceans. Yet it's not all bad... though we might never know it, since positive news is underreported.

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Henry I. Miller, Forbes

In recent years, Earth Day has provided an opportunity for environmental Cassandras to prophesy apocalypse, dish anti-technology dirt and proselytize. Passion and zeal routinely trump science; provability takes a back seat to plausibility.

Article Image, By Alyssa Battistoni

There are plenty of reasons to worry about fracking—groundwater contamination, methane leaks, that flaming tapwater thing.

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