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The junk-food industrial complex is on notice after pumping American consumers with sugars and carbs for decades, sparking an obesity crisis that has weighed on the nation's healthcare system.

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Pornography is masculinity's kryptonite. Over the past half century, it has plagued the world and infected the minds of billions of men. There is no such thing as a healthy porn habit.

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Natural Health Series: Everyone has parasites....the type and number are the only differences. Your pets have parasites as so humans. Methylene Blue is a natural anti-parasitic, learn why, also backed up by over 100 years of use and studies for human

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Now that there is more open talk about vaccine injury, we are continually assured that overall these vaccines were worth it even so. The thought always occurs: it has not been worth it for the injured. Nor is their injury lessened by the knowledge th