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Jeremy Hsu via LiveScience

Lovers still see a face-to-face encounter as the ideal way to break up their relationship in the complicated age of Facebook and cell phones, according to a researcher's interviews with college students and middle-age adults.

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IDG News

A mystery file with the name "Insurance" has been posted to the web page where earlier this week some 77,000 secret documents about the Afghan war were leaked. The 1.4GB file is ten times larger than all the other files on Wikileaks' Afghan War Diary

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PC World

Computers in Iran have been hardest hit by a dangerous computer worm that tries to steal information from industrial control systems. 60% of all systems infected by the worm are located in Iran. Indonesia and India have also been hard-hit by the mali

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Yahoo! Who Knew?

Everyone is trying to figure out how to make a buck off of the Internet, which is a good thing. This struck me as a good way to get people to watch your ads. Kind of a trivial pursuit on the web. Got the crop circle people up in arms too.