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Jason Johnson, a Ron Paul Revolutionary, has announced his campaign for MN House District 29B. [Ernie, you get to pick him up at the airport this time]

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Washington Post

While all eyes were on the presidential campaign and the demise of New York Gov. Eliot L. Spitzer (D) last week, Republicans on Capitol Hill were suffering a run of bad news that could hold dire implications for the campaign season.

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A friend writes: "Loved the article on Chris Peden. As a Houston native I've watched this guy for a while. He's as big of an opportunist as they come. That's how he went from praising Paul to attacking him in a few short months. He s

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Re-Elect Ron Paul 2008

Lest we forget, Dr. Ron Paul is also running for re-election to his Texas Congressional district, and the threat he faces is a well financed Republican opponent in the primary. Any US citizen or permanent resident can contribute up to $2,300 + $2,300

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The American Conservative

TAC believes that only one candidate has put forth a diagnosis of America’s current ills and has a vision to turn the country off its misguided course. That is Congressman Ron Paul, whom we endorse for the Republican nomination.

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The Nation / Nicholas Van Hoffman

Ron Paul would abolish three-quarters of the government, meaning that about three-quarters of what [he] says falls into the "impractical dreamer" category. That leaves one-quarter [which] is, no pun intended, on the money.