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WAR: About that War

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Mainstream media is reporting that President Biden has made a decision on how to respond to the drone strike that claimed three US service members over the weekend.

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

Yesterday's attack on US troops in Syria/Jordan gave Sen. Lindsey Graham the opportunity to repeat his favorite chorus "Attack Iran!" While Republican hawks profess admiration for President Ronald Reagan, they suspiciously ignore one of his most impo

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Activist Post

AI in a command-and-control context can either malfunction and issue erroneous orders as in Fail Safe or, more likely, function as designed yet issue deadly prescriptions based on engineering errors, skewed training sets or strange emergent propertie

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The breaking news that Ansar Allah (Houthi) fighters have fired on the USS Carney in the Red Sea today (Friday, 26 Jan.) underscores the shocking failure of the Biden Administration, which initiated airstrikes on the Houthis this month with no plan f

Article Image, By Charles Eisenstein

I just watched a horrifying video of eyewitnesses to a massacre. Please keep reading my friends. Please keep reading before you know which "side" committed the massacre.

Article Image, By Edward Curtin

You have to hand it to the U.S. and its henchmen for brazenness. In order to protect their client state Israel and its genocide in Gaza, the U.S., together with the UK, have in one week launched air and sea attacks on the Houthis in Yemen five times