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Philosophy: Libertarianism

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Please understand that this is meant to be a summation of a large body of work that have been written throughout the ages, such as Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, Frederick Bastiat’s The Law, a multitude of works by Ludwig Von Mises, Thomas Jefferson

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There were 3 main premises in the decrees of the Cyrus Cylinder: the political formulization of racial, linguistic, and religious equality, slaves and all deported peoples were to be allowed to return to home; and all destroyed temples were to be res

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Did you know that the libertarian philosophy was being referred to in the 1950's, and that the conservatives and libertarians were working together until,... they weren't. Why? Some history, and how it is repeating.

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Wyoming State Chair of the Wyoming Libertarian Party, Don Wills, is visiting Phoenix and joins Ernest in Studio. Don opposes Ernest for Nat. Chair of the LNC and hopes for a less 'anarchist' chair. Promises to be fun and informative.