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Philosophy: Libertarianism

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There are many different types of people that come to PorcFest. Some are scholars in economics, politics and science. Some are artists and agorists-in-action selling and trading food and wares.

Article Image, By Robert Higgs

After I began work as a professor, in 1968, I gravitated quickly from my collegiate New Leftism toward classical liberalism. As I learned more about Austrian economics, political economy, public choice, and history, I became increasingly libertarian

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The Washington Times

The Cato Institute's co-founder and president, Edward Crane, has been forced out by the libertarian organization’s board of directors, according to inside sources. John A. Allison, former chairman and CEO of BB&T Corporation, will take over.

Article Image, by Laurence M. Vance

Three recent books on libertarianism... although they are quite different as to their nature and purpose, have one thing in common: the word libertarian in their title.

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Incendiary terms to describe the president paint a portrait of a superhero or super-villain depending on your political affiliation. However, they stand in that way of a logical critique of his policies and actions, and the truth of who he really is.

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The initiation of force (or threats thereof or fraud) should be the only real crime in society. Currently, those in the organization known as government charge and sentence people for many "crimes" that have no victims or complaining party

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The Agitator

That Tea Party extremist nut Rand Paul is at it again. First, he was the only U.S. Senator to openly speak out against renewal of the PATRIOT Act. Then he promised should it become necessary, he’d wage a filibuster to block SOPA. He raised holy hell

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C.Smith/Angel Clark Show

I was interviewed on the Angel Clark show. It was excellent! It was a live show broadcast on the Liberty Radio Network, Ron Paul Radio, and the feeds, and is available in the show archive and via iTunes. I invite you to listen.