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Years ago, good-looking young people hoping to break into careers on stage or screen often started out as models, posing for fashion ads or even for record jackets, while waiting to be "discovered." (James Garner started out modeling bathing suit

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Weird Al is releasing a new album this week, & he's made a music video for ea. song. This one is a take-off on Lourde's "Royal," called "Foil." One third of the way in, it turns into a video for "us," and you'll LOVE it!!!

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Nostalgia convinced me to upload this. This song is from Steven Page's first solo album "The Vanity Project", released in 2005. The song was co-written with Stephen Duffy, and was released as the album's only single.

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by William N. Grigg (Lew Rockwell blog)

"5 Songs You May Not Know are Un-Patriotic." The MRS offers this public service on behalf of those who earnestly seek to have their every thought taken captive by the sacred nation-state, and seek to avoid sullying their lips by humming

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In pop culture, Casey Kasem was as sweet and dependable as a glass of warm milk and a plate of chocolate chip cookies, which only made the ugliness of his last few years of life seem more bizarre and tragic.