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Fr33 Agents / Paul Rosenberg

[Libertarians] seldom have any enthusiasm for taking concrete actions. They are always waiting for people in the future to listen to their gems of wisdom; then, once properly enlightened, those people will do something.

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Murray Rothbard via Lew Rockwell

In the spring of 1979, a fateful – and fatal – shift took place in the direction and strategic vision of our leading libertarian institutions: foundations, youth movements, journals, etc. The shift was a classic leap into opportunist betrayal of our

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Greetings, libertarian! We need your your help with a special project -- restoring the party of principle. America needs a Libertarian Party worthy of pride and respect -- a party it can look to for the right answers to the big questions.

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Sharlene Holt, Musicians for Freedom

During the Ron Paul 2008 presidential campaign, Ron Paul supporters demonstrated their extreme creativity, passion, and dedication to their cause. But some efforts were not so successful; why haven't we heard about these unfortunate accidents?

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Washington Post

The city's 30-day notice of foreclosure, sent to hotel owner Monument Realty last month after the company defaulted on its loan, expires today. The notice lists an outstanding $40 million balance on the loan. Monument officials said two weeks ago that they hoped the lender, New York-based PB Capital, could agree to new terms before the property across from the Kennedy Center was forced into foreclosure. But apparently new investors did not step forward in time.

Mobius Nemesis

Today several us showed up for the case of Eason v. Indymac bank. I was, for the first time in my life, impressed by a judge. Judge Buttrick was actually concerned with following the law and doing the right thing. In court? I had never seen that done before and if you know who I am you understand that I have seen a lot of trials and been involved in more than my share. I was almost speechless afterwards. The judge was biased toward doing the right thing and reaching a fqair conclusion. He did not even appear to be concerned that the banks might not like him. What the hell did I just write?  

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C4SS / Thomas Knapp

When the Libertarian Party issues a press release calling on the US government to exercise more power than even Janet Napolitano thinks is called for — something is obviously rotten in the state of Denmark.

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Classically Liberal

The (formerly) Libertarian Party has had a birthday. It is now 37 years old. In my view the LP is a zombie -- the living dead. It walks and moves about but it is a corpse for all practical purposes. LP National Chairman Bill Redpath has issued a list

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The Libertarian Enterprise

Simply put, knowledge is power. The consent of the governed has been obtained through fraud. We all remember the lies about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Those lies were the main reason many Americans felt that going to war in Iraq was justifi