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Christine Smith Campaign

Is principle to ever be compromised? Is the LP its own worst enemy? Does LP politics further the cause of liberty? Can true Libertarians reverse what has been happening to the party; Is it possible given

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Citing overwhelming support from his own party's members and lackluster response to Libertarian presidential campaigns, Steve Kubby today endorsed US Rep. Ron Paul's campaign for the Republican Party 2008 presidential nomination.

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Fox News

Paul isn't a reflexive contrarian--he doesn't oppose just to oppose. Rather, he has a core set of principles that guide him. They happen to be the same principles envisioned by the framers of the U.S. Constitution: limited government, federal

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Waco Tribune

Libertarian Phil Smart said serving a 20-day jail sentence during his campaign for state Senate has helped his Election Day chances. Smart said. “I’ve got an unbelievable amount of press. I didn’t even have to pay for it.”