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I am at home sitting safely on my couch, however, between 2001 and 2009 I was a soldier serving in the GWOT campaign. I have served three tours in Iraq, one tour in Afghanistan, and a year assisting the African theater (proxy war.)

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As I read through page after page of food items and materials that preppers should stock up on, I have to wonder, “Have people really thought out what is coming?” I believe we are heading for at least a collapse of the US dollar, if not all fiat curr

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Back-to-the-land, or homesteading movements, have been going on for centuries, but the motivation remains the same — to live a simpler, less expensive and more wholesome life.

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We are a mobile culture. The vast majority of us begin our day by getting into a vehicle and driving to work.

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Worms can compost kitchen scraps and shredded paper much faster than the aerobic compost process utilized in most commercial backyard compost bins.

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In a SHTF scenario, already having a small flock of laying chickens will be of great benefit for everyone from an urban backyard to a rural, backwoods bunker setting. They are easy to care for, provide eggs and eventually, can grace your stewpot

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Most of us have grown up steadily ingesting a hearty line of crap that has made its way into the social consciousness. Governments can’t go bankrupt. Government bonds are safe. Banks are safe. Real estate always goes up. The US dollar is king.