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Off Grid Living - Survival Prepping

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I ran across a book and an article all about making your own root cellar, this being the end of the summer, beginning of fall, having a cheap and easy to put together root cellar is the thing to have, both for budding homesteaders to seasoned off gri

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When people hear a term related to survival, or research survival related material on the internet, the first thing that pops into mind is a big burly mountain man capable of hunting a Yeti with his bare hands.

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Kijani Grows

Smart gardens use a variety of sensors and actuators to allow for remote monitoring and service – an automated garden!

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I'm studying how to best tan the skins and prepare the pelts for sewing. Brain tanning keeps rising to the surface. My wife enjoys working with textiles so we eventually want to procure a long haired French Angora rabbit(s) that we believe we can "ha