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We get the chance to put the EPIC 232se electric sport boat to the test with World Champion wakeboarder Jeff Weatherall--and the stunt Jeff pulls at the end of the show? You guessed it: EPIC.

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Summer is over and many Europeans may have to keep warm this coming winter by thinking about their summer holidays while wrapped in blankets, praying for a short winter or for the world to come to its senses. It both cases, they may well be disappoin

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It is obvious that the first APS "smart" meter measured in this video is transmitting much more than 1% of the time and, were I to stand there measuring it all day, much more than 122 or 125 times per day. As you can see, this APS "smart" meter basic

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?The footprint of the impact of the spill on coral communities is both deeper and wider than previous data indicated,? PSU biology professor Charles Fisher, who led the study, said. ThinkProgress spoke with Fisher to find out more about what the stu