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sovereign man

Egan-Jones, a smaller rating agency, has been even more aggressive, downgrading the US credit rating three times in 18 months. And while the federal government may not have imposed Diocletian’s death penalty, they are just as willing to squash dissen

News Link • Global Reported By Ronald Bogner
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The following debunks conventional non-wisdom from most of the media and academia about the supposed stagnant middle class. Among other facts, it mentions the growing proportion of non-cash pay in the form of benefits that aren't included in governm

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Self-rule isn't working, folks, because it doesn't work with a brainwashed, unlearned and drugged citizenry. But don't worry: more money for public education, more computers and cops in the classroom, and more college degrees will fix this

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Free Press Publications reports X date is approaching, that is “the day past which the US government will no longer be able to rely on 'extraordinary measures' to delay the day of reckoning, and will be unable to pay all its bills without recourse to additio

News Link • Global Reported By Darryl W. Perry