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Happy New Year to all of our Investment Contrarians readers! In 2012, small-cap stocks were the second-best performing group, following the technology sector. The Russell 2000 was the top performer in December and has been since the end of the fir

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Obama: "We can’t simply cut our way to prosperity. Cutting spending has to go hand-in-hand with further reforms to our tax code so that the wealthiest corporations and individuals can’t take advantage of loopholes and deductions that aren’t available

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Lew Rockwell blog

First, the legalized gangsters in the nation's toilet raised the debt ceiling at the 11th hour so that the US government can borrow more and spend more, in spite of the looming budget carnage. Then they partied down into the wee hours of New Year's E

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As the "fiscal cliff" of tax hikes and spending cuts draws closer, anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist repeated his call on CNBC's "Closing Bell"for spending cuts instead of tax increases to deal with the country's fiscal problems.

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Future of Freedom Foundation

“Repudiation” is not a word used by the political mainstream. Part of the reason is who holds the debt. China is often castigated as the largest holder, but that country actually accounts for less than 8% of the money America has borrowed.

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