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Space Travel and Exploration

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Triumphant from start to finish, the SpaceX Dragon capsule parachuted into the Pacific on Thursday to conclude the first private delivery to the International Space Station and inaugurate NASA’s new approach to exploration.

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A commercial rocket has blasted off with a load of supplies for the International Space Station. The SpaceX company's Falcon 9 rocket took flight at 3:44 a.m. Tuesday. (May 22)

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SpaceX engineers have replaced a faulty engine valve on a private rocket carrying the first commercial space capsule bound for the International Space Station following the last-second abort during an attempted liftoff Saturday, May 19.

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Today May 20th, is a very special day in Energies streaming the Earth. That may sound odd to some and “out there.” There is the “Ring of Fire” eclipse that will be able to be seen in the Western U.S, across the Pacific to Asia. A “Ring of Fire”

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