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Space Travel and Exploration

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Thus using simple well known technology, it is possible to install the entire population of Earth inside a few cubic miles. This applies to almost any small planet out there and is surely the safest strategy anyway. It is also inevitable that any

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India plans to launch a space probe that will orbit Mars, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh confirmed on Wednesday after press reports that the mission was scheduled to begin late next year.

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Singh announced the unmanned Mars mission during a speech Wednesday to mark the 65th anniversary of India’s independence from British rule. Scientists say the spacecraft is expected to take nearly 11 months to get close to Mars after which it will

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l, layered buttes and a layer of cobbles and pebbles embedded in a finer matrix of material. The images show a landscape closely resembling portions of the southwester

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NASA's Mars rover Curiosity beamed back an incredible image of its surroundings, Aug. 6, showing a spectacularly clear view of the enormous mountain that it will clamber up in the next few years. NASA's Mars science rover Curiosity landed on Mars lat

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Scientists are trying to get the first direct look at the black hole at the center of our galaxy. How close will they come to seeing the unseeable?