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Engineers with the private spaceflight company SpaceX are still trying to piece together what went wrong with a reusable rocket test Saturday, but the company's founder Elon Musk said Sunday (Jan. 11) that the rocket's steering fins ran out of hydrau

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Michael Belfiore (Author: Rocketeers; Journalist; Mad Science Innovation Blog) provides an update on the private space race - Gerald Celente (Publisher Trends Journal) comes on the show to discuss FOREX Fixing - Walter Block (Professor of Economics)

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The push to return manned launch capabilities to United States soil is bringing about an exciting period in the commercial space industry. September 2014 saw the awarding of the US Government's Commercial Crew Transportation Capability (CCtCap) contr

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NASA has determined that the pulsar from a binary star system, once visible to observers, has effectively disappeared as the result of a geodetic precession from a nearby space-time warp. Admittedly, that's a mouthful of scientific jargon.

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Mother Nature appears to be cooperating for the planned launch Saturday (Jan. 10) of SpaceX's next robotic cargo mission to the International Space Station, a liftoff that will also include a potentially epic demonstration of reusable rocket technolo

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