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Article Image News Link • Global, By Clay Dillow

Face capture technology has come a long way, especially as 3-D stereoscopic imaging and the like have made leaps forward in recent years. It’s now relatively easy to capture a face in 3-D and reconstruct it digitally for applications such as the amaz

Article Image News Link • Global, By Clay Dillow

If you want to know what the future looks like, sit down and have a talk with Roy Minson. He’s the senior vice president and general manager of unmanned aircraft systems at Aerovironment, the manufacturer of nearly 85 percent of the Department of Def

Article Image News Link • Global, By Rebecca Boyle

Stars are responsible for forging every heavy element in the universe when they fuse hydrogen and when they explode at the ends of their lives. But they also create a strange third type of chemical bond between atoms, caused by their incredible magne