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The two G’s here, Gaye and George, have both been out on the “leading edge” of technology in their business careers, although for all the headaches and hassles, we both refer to it as the “bleeding edge”

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HD Guru

A new generation of high definition television sets are hitting the American market now. Samsung’s top-of-the-line sets will include an internally wired HD camera, twin microphones, face tracking, and speech recognition. The question is: Who will

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In the greatest case of “Because we can” manufacturing, Arsenal Firearms introduces the AF2011-A1 pistol. It is a double-barrel 1911 pistol.This gun spits two .45 bullets down range with each press of the dual triggers.

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There’s a growing threat to the U.S. military, according to the Pentagon’s premier research wing. No, it’s not Iran’s nukes or China’s missiles. It’s the iPads, Android phones and other gadgets we all carry around with us every day.

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After two weeks with the Lytro camera, I still can’t decide if it’s a highly refined proof-of-concept or an uneven look at the future of photography. It’s simultaneously addictive and frustrating. It’s also a truly unique photographic experience.

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By Chris Nuttall and Richard Waters

Apple has joined an elite group of companies to reach a $500bn equity valuation amid expectations it is to launch a new version of the iPad next week.

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