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Lori Flynn, a teacher who launched the civility campaign at Queen of Peace High School in North Arlington, said the rationale was simple: “We want ladies to act like ladies.” And besides, the principal, Brother Larry Lavallee, added, the girls hav

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As of late there has been outcry from feminists declaring that the GOP is waging a “War on Women.” The complaints range from somewhat valid to completely absurd, but I would like to address this proclamation from a different perspective unaffiliated

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Obama saw to it that 'Dr.' Tiller's main political supporter, Governor Kathleen Sebelius. was duly rewarded with control over Health and Human Services! Obama knew what she was, and showed who he is, with his appointment of her. The money-trail and power-trail documented in pictures. This is who Obama really is. His 'church-going' morals on display!'

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