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Revolutionary Politics

This will be the biggest display of Russian military power in the western hemisphere since the cold war. The nuclear powered cruiser, “Peter the Great” an anti-submarine ship and two support vessels will take part in joint rescue operations and anti-

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Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni won the Kadima Party's primary election, TV exit polls said, putting her in a good position to become Israel's first female leader in 34 years and sending a message that peace talks with the Palestinians will proc

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Press TV

Sixteen US troops from the a unit of the Airborne Division have committed suicide inside a military base in Iraq, security sources say.

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Mirror News

“We regret the recent and unexpected spat between Russia and Georgia" President Medvedev says Russians still regard Georgians as brothers.

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Shopping habits, mobile phone use, emails, locations during the day, journeys and internet searches... in one week, the average Briton has 3,254 pieces of personal information stored about him or her, most of which is kept in databases for years.

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translated Russian to English

Ah home movies of the Georgian invasion. They are having a good time shooting up the place. How do we know it is before the Russians came in and made them run like pussies? Because they are having a good time. Soon they weren't.

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A failed assassination attempt on Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani in the capital Islamabad highlights insecurity in the nuclear-armed country just three days before a presidential election will name Pervez Musharraf's successor.

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Free Association

If Russia exited Georgia — as it should — and the Bush administration dropped its wish to expand NATO to Russia’s border — as it should — there would still be an issue to be dealt with: the secessionist ambitions of the majority in South Ossetia — th

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Japan Today

Is Kim Jong Il dead? Yes, North Korea’s "Dear Leader" is no more, having passed away in the fall of 2003, writes a Waseda University professor. A one-time journalist posted in Seoul, he is introduced as a leading authority on Korean

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A U.S. navy warship delivered humanitarian aid on Sunday for victims of Georgia's brief war with Russia while Moscow ignored Western demands to pull its remaining troops from the Caucasus country's heartland.