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Heaping more criticism on the unit set up to help the IRS catch tax cheats, Republican Senator Charles Grassley said Thursday's report confirms Obama "could do a lot for tax compliance by lighting a fire under the IRS on whistleblowers," Grassley sai

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A military judge refused on Wednesday to dismiss the charges against an Army private accused in the biggest leak of government secrets in U.S. history. Army Col. Denise Lind denied the defense motion during a pretrial hearing at Fort Meade in the

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Yahoo News

"Underground" follows the story of an Assange-led group of young hackers who broke into a number of major military and business organizations in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Assange was a teenager when the Melbourne-based group began operations.

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National Whistelblowers Center

The National Whistleblowers Center revealed that the FBI required employees to sign employment contracts that are illegal under Federal law. The NWC launched the investigation in response to a nearly year long campaign

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Washington's relentless pursuit of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and alleged whistle-blower Bradley Manning, is no secret. But the fate of the two men has got US journalists worried, that they too could soon find themselves behind bars.

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Eugene police officer claimed supervisors violated his free speech rights by transferring him from his job working with a police dog after he questioned the department’s response to multiple, inadvertent discharges of high-­powered weapons by SWAT te

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Pfc. Bradley Manning, accused of leaking classified material to website Wikileaks, is appearing in court today, beginning a two day pre-trial motion hearing in Fort Meade

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By the time you read this, the PR hacks of Goldman Sachs will be vigorously pressing their efforts to destroy the reputation of whistle-blower Greg Smith

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After a series of videos revealing apparent cruel treatment of farm animals went viral, Iowa has made it a crime for people to misrepresent themselves to gain access to a farm.

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NYPD: Making the Crime Numbers Look Good, Seemingly At Any Cost

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Thomas Drake, the whistle-blower whom the Obama administration tried and failed to prosecute for leaking information about waste, fraud and abuse at the National Security Agency