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On Aug. 6, 2001, CIA director George Tenet presented to President Bush his presidential daily briefing, a starting document titled, "Bin Laded Determined to Strike in US." Bush did nothing, asked for no further briefings on the issue, and

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Raw Story

Letting defense contractors subsidize your wages really pays off. "Investigators are studying travel records of expensive trips to Hawaii and Europe taken by top CIA official Dusty Foggo and San Diego defense contractor Brent Wilkes,"

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By Charlie Savage - Boston Globe

The Bush administration moved yesterday to separate General Michael Hayden's nomination to be the next CIA director from discussion of the secret domestic spying programs that he designed as head of the National Security Agency, in a seeming reve

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Associated Press

Law enforcement officials executed search warrants on the house and office of CIA's outgoing executive director as part of an investigation into corruption involving agency contracts, the FBI said. The CIA's third ranking official, Kyle

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Members of the European Parliament, in Washington to investigate reports of secret CIA prisons and detainee transfers in Europe, complained on Thursday Bush administration officials stonewalled them. "There was an exorbitant number of 'no

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TPM Muckraker

While director of the National Security Agency, Gen. Michael V. Hayden contracted the services of a top executive at the company at the center of the Randall "Duke" Cunningham bribery scandal, according to two former employess of the compan

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By HILLEL ITALIE - National AP Writer

Several publishers had competed for the million dollar plus memoir, scheduled to come out in the fall of 2007 and tentatively titled "Fair Game."

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The Bush administration's efforts to plead innocence to charges of using torture before a key United Nations committee have been complicated by a new report from an influential human rights group suggesting otherwise.

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Washington Post

CIA Director Porter Goss resigned suddenly Friday, nudged out after a turmoil-filled 19 months at the spy agency as it struggled to forge a new identity in an era of intelligence blunders and government overhauls.

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Porter Goss, charged with revitalising the CIA after its failures of intelligence in the September 11 2001 attacks and the run-up to the Iraq war, abruptly resigned from his post yesterday barely a year after taking the job