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Scott Armstrong (host of the Rebunked Podcast) comes on the show to discuss the podcast, the awakening of humanity thru 'conspiracy vindication', exploring everything from conspiracy and geopolitics to solutions and healing (recovery, spirituality an

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The nation of Brazil has been under a multi-front assault ever since they have shown any independence from their North American overlords in Washington, D.C. The banksters and politicos in New York City, who have always dictated the destiny of Brazil

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Hours after the news conference where Oregon investigators declared the January 26 roadblock killing of LaVoy Finicum "justified", Sibel Edmonds joined Peter B. Collins in a conversation with Todd Macfarlane, who had been representing the Finicum

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Secret documents reveal that global banking giant HSBC profited from doing business with arms dealers who channeled mortar bombs to child soldiers in Africa, bag men for Third World dictators, traffickers in blood diamonds and other international out