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Study after scientific study expounding on the benefits of cannabis as a veritable panacea has garnered baseline skepticism, if not contempt, from the somnambulant corporate press keener to spew the State's anti-marijuana nonsense than aligning wit

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In recent years, the glaring spotlight of skepticism has been turned to the topic of vaccines, bitterly dividing parents and giving doctors of modern medicine conniption fits -- but no matter where you stand on vaccinations, the fact two groundbreak

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advanced welding technology...NASA has delayed the first launch of its heavy-payload rocket until 2019 and decided against an idea floated by the White House to put astronauts aboard the capsule that is set to fly around the moon, the U.S. space agen

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Researchers at the University of Minnesota say they've developed a way to make "bionic skin," technology that could allow robots to feel their environments and humans to wear sensory-enhancing devices directly on their fingertips.

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MIT physicists have found that a flake of graphene, when brought in close proximity with two superconducting materials, can inherit some of those materials' superconducting qualities. As graphene is sandwiched between superconductors, its electroni

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(but they refuse to use oregano oil)...Superbug FUNGUS now invading U.S. hospitals in NY and NJ … All pharma drugs useless (but they refuse to use oregano oil) (Natural News) The deadly superbug fungus known as Candida auris has continued to sprea

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After a mere 3 weeks of therapy, Kris started showing signs of improvement, and within 2 months he could answer the phone, write his name and operate a wheelchair. He had regained significant improvement in his motor functions; which are the transmis

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