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Privacy Rights

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During the last two years that we have been building Diaspora, we have uncovered lots of interesting problems related to our core mission—giving people ownership over their data.

Article Image, By Cory Doctorow

Sean Morley, AKA Val Venis, a professional wrestler, has informed a fan via Twitter that "#WWE‬ asked me to appear but I just cannot do anything with them for as long as they continue their support of ‪#SOAP‬/#CISPA"

Article Image, Stephen C. Webster

U.S. law enforcement agencies are tracking more cellular devices than ever these days but obtaining fewer wiretapping warrants, according to a report by Eric Lichtblau, published in Sunday’s New York Times.

Article Image, by Nat Hentoff

The Watergate legacy of disabling opponents by wiretaps and other suspensions of the Bill of Rights has since been protected by the current administration in federal court.

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