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Privacy Rights

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Gary Franchi interviews James Corbett connecting from Japan on Next News Network on various topics including the future of 3D printing, intellectual property, free speech, upcoming government regulations, local drone surveillance and much more.

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Terrence Aym

Billions of people use cell phones. Many millions are being spied upon—by their phone. One of them may be you.

What's worse, your phone may be spying on you even when it's turned off.

Unfortunately, as fast as electronic technology has

News Link • Global Reported By Terrence Aym
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Federal regulators are proposing that new automobiles sold in the United States after September 2014 come equipped with black boxes, so-called “event data recorders” that chronicle everything from how fast a vehicle was traveling, the number of pass

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The TSA has officially acknowledged the Infowars Opt Out And Film week protest, and warned that despite the fact it is not prohibited to film at TSA checkpoints, local laws may allow police to intervene and prevent such activity.

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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will face some push-back during the big Thanksgiving travel week, as part of the Alex-Jones-ordered “Opt Out and Film Week.” From Nov. 19 through Nov. 26, Jones is encouraging travelers to refuse to