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So, Wall Street, what have you learned the last five years? What is the lesson? According to Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein there is no lesson and the only problem with Wall Street crashing the economy, using their political power to get a bailo

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But let’s leave aside the Times’s overly dramatic treatment and Sorkin’s hamming it up and look at his “two myths and one reality” about the financial crisis, which reveal a lot about how this highly influential journalist thinks. Barry Ritholtz had

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In The Times of London, the UK-Based newspaper report titled ‘Zimbabwe running huge risk if it sends uranium to Iran, US warns’ that a US State Department official stated that the “UN Security Council Resolution 1737 prohibits the sale or transfer of

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I have just watched We Steal Secrets, Alex Gibney’s documentary about Wikileaks and Julian Assange. One useful thing I learnt is the difference between a hatchet job and character assassination. Gibney is too clever for a hatchet job, and his propaga