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Senior officers at the Pentagon are being advised on countering Taliban propaganda by a marketing expert whose company once weeded out reporters who wrote negative stories in Afghanistan and helped the military deceive the enemy in Iraq, according to

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A common trope of hawkish foreign policy writers is that America took a "holiday from history" by starting too few wars and trimming military spending in the 1990s.

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The conflicts between Israel and Palestine have been going on for such a long time, it's difficult to know when one conflict stops and another one starts. The latest exchange of missile fire is no exception.

"All sides have to step back

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A former intelligence officer with the Department of Defense has been given the go-ahead by a federal judge to sue the Pentagon and the CIA for censoring his best-selling account of the war in Afghanistan. Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer can follow throu

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As the media and other voices of the state continue to twist Armistice Day into another War-Lovers holiday, I am reminded of a genuine hero from World War I. A man, Howard Moore, who had been ordered to report for military service in that war.