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Washington Post

The Pentagon will send hundreds of additional spies overseas as part of an ambitious plan to assemble an espionage network that rivals the CIA in size, U.S. officials said. The project is aimed at transforming the Defense Intelligence Agency, whic

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Business Insider

DARPA is at it again. This time, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency announced plans to create nanochips for monitoring troops health on the battlefield. Kate Knibbs at Mobiledia reports the sensors are targeted at preventing

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Lew Rockwell blog

The federal government has found the drug "ecstasy" helpful to soldiers returning from the Middle East suffering from post-traumatic stress. No mention was made of how this drug might have helped other users deal with the stresses generated by life

Article Image, By Anthony Gregory

When Hamas, a quasi-state claiming to represent the Palestinians, launches rockets that predictably kill or maim everyday Israelis, destroy property, and cause fear among civilians, it is committing terrorism.

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