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The European Parliament overwhelmingly rejected a proposal for the European Union's €960 billion ($1.3 trillion) budget Wednesday, in the latest example of the lawmakers newfound resolve to stand up to the union's national leaders.

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Now that Hugo Chávez is out of the way in Venezuela, the banksters are free to move forward with the effort to loot and pillage the oil-rich nation.

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The Daily Bell

Italy's Bersani on collision course with Germany and ECB over austerity ... Italy's Pier Luigi Bersani vowed to break free of the country's austerity regime as he laid out plans for a centre-Left government, risking a serious clash with Germany and t

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The risk that Britain is entering its third recession in four years grew on Friday with figures showing that manufacturing shrank unexpectedly last month and mortgage approvals for home buyers dropped in January

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Lew Rockwell blog

Real austerity is not adding more difficulties on the productive sector of the economy in the form of higher taxes. The private sector produces, the public sector consumes. The IMF’s idea of raising taxes on individuals to pay off banksters