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There is essentially no difference between one administration and another, no matter what the platform." ~ Ron Paul, on CNBC Futures Now; he also stated that "They haven't the vaguest idea what Austrian free-market hard-money economics is"...

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Britain must abandon its "obsession" with the eurozone crisis to look to the true deciders of its future, said Jim O'Neill, the economist who defined the "BRIC" economies, as he voiced doubts over official UK growth figures.

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The ability of reflationary policy to mute the worst risks of debt deflation has been a source of enormous frustration for stock market bears ever since the 2008 collapse.

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Nowadays having more people, if educated, is good, not bad. That’s what’s wrong with one-child policies and Malthusian anxieties and the like. For example, sub-Saharan Africa, with its great genetic variability, will become the centre of world civili

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Global financial ministers called Saturday for quick and effective action to safeguard faltering economic growth and rebuild shaken confidence as they ended an annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund.

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Why the IMF has got it so hopelessly wrong on the euro crisis ... David Cameron and George Osborne are not for turning, but the International Monetary Fund is plainly made of flimsier stuff.