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Identity Theft

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Oklahoma House of Representatives Media Division

State Rep. Charles Key returned to the U.S. from a trip to China just in time to learn of what U.S. authorities are calling the largest case of identity theft in the U.S.The case involves three men who are accused of stealing more than 130 million credit card and debit card numbers

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Radio Frequency ID chip technologies are "too vulnerable in too many ways," according to Chris Paget, an ethical hacker and partner for H4RDW4RE, a new company creating privacy and security solutions to existing RFID problems in the marketplace. The public has been made aware of RFID or Radio Frequency ID technologies commissioned for national identity documents: passports, Enhanced Drivers Licenses, TWIC cards, Speed Passes and even Tribal Identity Cards. Unfortunately, RFID as a government sanctioned technology earned a big brother reputation from its ability to track a persons current location, storing and conveying private information from 20 - 30 feet away.

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