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Voting and Elections

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Nash Manly (Eco Built Systems) and Casey Carlson (Green Society Assoc) on affordable, sustainable, green housing - Ted Downing (AZ State Rep Dist 28 - Tucson) on Arizona Proposition 121 - Tim Frey (Roberts & Roberts Brokerage)

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Fair Vote

Our current Electoral College system, grounded in state laws which allocate electoral votes on a winner-take-all basis, leads presidential candidates to concentrate their resources on voters in a handful of swing states, relegating the vast majority

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Mark E. Smith

I was not living in a democracy at all. I was living in a tyranny, not in a democratic country where votes had to be counted and could influence policy. That’s when I stopped voting and became an election boycott advocate. I’m happy to say that there

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Deep discontent is driving the "yes" vote for Proposition 121, which would create a top-two primary. Its two-step process, long used by Arizona voters in local nonpartisan elections, lets all voters, regardless of party, vote in a single primary elec

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