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by Jeff R.

CentOre’s February 7, 2012 article “Signs of the Times: What are the SHTF Tipping Points?” briefly touched on one point that I would like to expand on: Ebola and Marburg viruses.

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by Pepe Escobar Asia Times

Be afraid. Be very afraid. The Return of the Keyboard Warriors – a prized Return of the Living Dead spin-off – is at hand. From Republican chicken hawks to public intellectuals, right-wing America is erupting in renewed neo-conservative revolt. The y

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The Political Commentator

Watcher’s Council Nominations – Look For The Union Label Edition (WoW) So, let’s see what we have this week…. Council Submissions The Noisy Room – So, What is the Going Price for a Soul Nowadays? Rhymes With Right – A Texas Teacher Looks

News Link • Global Reported By Michael Haltman
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The Daily Beast

Is it possible that the Nobel Committee is 'bought and paid for' like so much our perceived world?? This comes as an aggravated insult upon our fragile existence to most from the far left to the far right and all points in between.

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England, is now taking serious steps to fight the swine flu. As reported July 17, 2009 England’s Chief Medical Officer Sir Liam Donald has ordered NHS to prepare.

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