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When my brother and I were very young, and a song by The Beatles came on the car radio, our parents would ask: “Who’s this, kids?”

“The Beatles!” we’d always yell from the back seat. This was less because we recognized the group’s catalog and more because we realized our parents only asked us this question when a Beatles song was playing. The Beatles were so much more to them than just a band: They were a cultural legacy that needed to be passed down to us, the babies of the baby boomers.

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The first thing my mom said in 2007, after playing the original Rock Band for the first time, was: “They’ve got to get some Beatles on here.” Fortunately for her, at about the same time, George Harrison’

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If and when America expires, we probably won't agree on the cause of death. For proof that autopsies of empires are inconclusive, consider the case of Alexander Demandt, the German historian who set out in the 1980s to collect every theory ever given for why Rome fell. The final tally: 210, including attacks by nomads on horseback, blood poisoning, decline of Nordic character, homosexuality, outflow of gold, and vaingloriousness. Scroll through the list of theories for America's demise, then select up to five that you find most persuasive. (If you'd prefer, you can also read all 144 end-of-America scenarios on a single page.) As you're making your picks, you'll get real-time updates on the apocalypse you've chosen—our Apocalypse Matrix reveals if your American end times will be bloodless or violent, and whether you blame man or nature for the country's downfall. You can also compare your choices with those of the average Slate reader. And check back on Fr

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 In a letter Friday faxed to Alliance Bank of Arizona, the prosecutor said that accounts held by payment processor Allied Systems Inc. are subject to seizure and forfeiture "because they constitute property involved in money laundering transactions and illegal gambling offenses."