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Police in Frankston, Australia used automobile seizure laws this weekend to impound a toy motorcycle belonging to a little girl. While under her father's supervision, Laney Frankland, 5, had been riding in circles around a reserve near the end of a neighborhood cul-de-sac on a 49cc motorbike. Police arrived on the scene late in the afternoon to tell the little girl that she was not supposed to be riding in that location. The officers then summoned a tow truck to take away her bike. The girl ran to her mother.

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 It is too expansive for many to read, but there are people out there who ARE reading it. And after reading it, if you ever got your hands on anyone associated with this slime, you would never stop slapping them.   Our friend, Peter Fleckstein, shares with us what he is finding,....

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Scottsdale-based American Traffic Solutions is boldly expanding their big-brother repertoire to go places never gone before: directly to your house. ATS will be managing a “litter enforcement program” in Baton Rouge: “workers are getting training on documenting blight with photographs and in generating warning letters and hearing notices to send to property owners.” Violators face possible fines of $117, plus $50 in court costs if they fail to correct the violation within 15 days of receiving a warning letter. The new system also gives city-parish workers the right to clean up an uncooperative property owner’s parcel and add the costs to the owner’s annual tax bill.

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Just a Girl in Short Shorts

Through the Google Blogger flagging system, a number of readers of a libertarian blog, Just a Girl in Short Shorts, who disagreed with the politics and ideology have managed to marginalize, censor and very possibly ended the blog. The blog has been labeled as "offensive content" --a warning splash page inserted, and the moderately popular blog has been de-indexed in the search engines.

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Freedom of movement may well be a thing of the past in Tiburon, CA if Automated License Plate Recognition cameras are activated to record and track the movements of all vehicles entering and exiting the city. A zeal for control, and not public safety, becomes the obvious motivating factor for such a system when the city's almost non-existent crime rate is examined.

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