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Businesses are adapting their R&D spending to the idea that innovation can come from anywhere.

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Business Insider

Make no mistake: Ron Johnson is in the midst of the retail disaster of the decade. His arrogance will cost 1,000s of people their jobs while destroying “America’s Favorite Brand.”

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Kirby Ferguson/TED Talks

There's nothing new under the sun. In this fascinating talk, Kirby Ferguson explains how everything is a remix and how patent laws stifle collaboration and innovation.

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Steven Kotler,

How do you identify creative talent in a few quick rounds of interviews? The short answer—talk to a skateboarder. The long answer… well, it’s long… and it starts with a Swarthmore University psychologist named Solomon Asch.


Jestina Clayton grew up in a village in Sierra Leone where every girl learns traditional African hair-braiding. Then, when she was 22, she moved to Centerville, Utah, a place where no one learns traditional African hair-braiding.

Article Image, By Dave Graham and Tomas Sarmiento

multibillion dollar offer by Mexico's Carlos Slim to raise his stake in a Dutch telecoms firm may mark the start of a push to expand his reach into Europe, where a debt crisis is opening up opportunities for the world's richest man.