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President Vladimir Putin on Thursday fast-tracked work on constitutional changes that could keep him in power well past the end of his term in 2024 while lawmakers quickly sealed his choice for new prime minister.

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About this podcast Insightful weekly commentary on news & current events from economist Antony Davies and political scientist James R. Harrigan.

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We are all familiar with the Pentagon's and CIA's torture center and prison camp at Guantanamo Bay Cuba, where the U.S. national-security establishment has knowingly, intentionally, and deliberately destroyed protections guaranteed by the Bill of

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With billionaire gun controller Michael Bloomberg testing the waters for a presidential run it is time to think about some of his favorite gun control proposals and how they would impact gun owners on a national level.

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In America, the highest law of the land consists of the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution, commonly known as Bill of Rights.

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If my seventy-three years on this poor, battered planet have taught me nothing else, it is that the rarest and most valuable human quality is courage, and that there are more kinds of courage than simply one.