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We have crossed the boundary that lies between Republic and Empire. If you ask when, the answer is that you cannot make a single stroke between day and night. The precise moment does not matter. There was no painted sign to say, "You now are en

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While Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are battling in their final round in the Democratic primaries and Donald Trump is arguing that Clinton should be in prison for failing to safeguard state secrets while she was secretary of state, ...

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WikiLeaks releases latest documents from TISA negotiations … The classified annex to the draft "core text" of the Trade in Services Agreement is part of what is being secretly negotiated by the U.S., EU and 22 countries. The website WikiLeaks

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The U.S. Constitution is gone. Kaput. For years it stood as the bedrock of a republic that kept its government chained. For years the constitution limited government intervention, letting the free market operate instead of domestic, well-connected cr

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In seeking the release of Cliven Bundy on Tuesday, Attorney Joel Hansen referred to Bundy as a "political prisoner" and said the government does not want to release him for fear it would lose if the case is ever heard before a jury.