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Religion: Unregistered Churches 

Edited by Dr Greg Dixon
Pages and Listings are in reverse chronological order:
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Radio/TV Show  •  Religion: Unregistered Churches
Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock - Radio
Host: Ernest Hancock
08-27-14 -- CHUCK BALDWIN Pre-Recorded Interview MP3 and VIDEO LOADED)
Program Date:  2014-08-27
   Ernest interviews Chuck Baldwin (ChuckBaldwinLive.Com and Pastor of Liberty Fellowship in Kalispell, MT) on the Liberty Church Project (helping to establish these non 501c3, liberty-oriented churches and fellowships), and preparing to survive the com
Reference Link
No 501-C-3 Church Can Be a Church of God
   If your church is tax exempt, it likely serves the government rather than honoring the word of God.
Entered by: Dave Hodges
'Jedi' religion most popular alternative faith
12-12-2012  • 
Today's Census figures show that 176,632 people in England and Wales identify themselves as Jedi Knights, making it the most popular faith in the "Other Religions" category on the Census and the seventh most popular faith overall.  
Robert Lee
San Juan Capistrano family fined for holding Bible study in home
09-21-2011  •  L.A. TIMES 
A San Juan Capistrano family has been fined for holding regular Bible studies in their home in violation of the city's zoning code. A religious legal nonprofit group has taken up the family's cause, calling it a case of religious freedom. The 
Ronald Bogner
Unregistered Baptist Fellowship Passes Resolution Concerning US Policy and Israel Opinion
Words Eye View
Unregistered Baptist Fellowship Passes Resolution Concerning US Policy and Israel
Greg J. Dixon
   The Unregistered Baptist Fellowship passed A Resolution Concerning United States Governmental Policy and Israel at the Unregistered Baptist Fellowship meeting on June 13-14, 2011 . . .
McElroy's Musings
Freedom: Loving Liberty or Licentious Anarchy?
David McElroy
   LIBERTARIANS! As a Christian libertarian embracing the classical liberalism of Thomas Jefferson, I have often been assailed by those to the left of the libertarian movement. This essay addresses the flaws seen in the logic of anarchist, and offers so
Judge Barker Admits U.S. Government Committed Fraud Against IBT Opinion
Words Eye View
Judge Barker Admits U.S. Government Committed Fraud Against IBT
Greg J. Dixon
   It should be noted that the IRS never assessed taxes against the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, a New Testament Church. However, the IRS did bring suit against a defunct corporation.
Church building confiscated to pay tax debt - 
Baptist Temple tax dispute
Words Eye View
Church building confiscated to pay tax debt - Baptist Temple tax dispute
Greg J. Dixon
   For 16 years the leaders of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple refused to withhold federal taxes from their employees' paychecks or to pay federal taxes as an employer.
Words Eye View
Greg J. Dixon
   Many people do not understand U.S. v Indianapolis Baptist Temple. Through the following facts, we have tried to simplify the case so that it is easy to understand.
Tenth Anniversary of the Siege and Raid of Indianapolis Baptist Temple ~ February 13, 2011 Opinion
Words Eye View
Tenth Anniversary of the Siege and Raid of Indianapolis Baptist Temple ~ February 13, 2011
Greg J. Dixon
   It is hard to believe that ten years have flown by this quickly since that fateful, cold day ten years ago on Feb. 13, 2001, when Federal Marshals crashed into the sanctuary of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, carried out those of us who were praying
Have the Preachers Really Stopped the IRS in Their Tracks? Opinion
Words Eye View
Have the Preachers Really Stopped the IRS in Their Tracks?
Greg J. Dixon
   “See what has the IRS stopped in its tracks” was the headline article by Bob Unruh in the September 23 issue of World Net Daily that tells of over one hundred pastors who plan to defy the so-called “Johnson Law” this year.
For US Corporations the Whole of the Law Shall Be 'Do What Thou Wilt'
09-30-2010  • 
"So long as they incorporate, businesses will now be free to trade in or exploit slaves, employ mercenary armies to do dirty work for despots, perform genocides or operate torture prisons for a despot’s political opponents, or engage in piracy... 
Jack Gregson
Pastors plan to 'bait' IRS with pulpit politics
09-25-2010  •  USA Today 
On Sunday, a group of 100 preachers nationwide will step into the pulpit and say the only words they're forbidden by law from speaking in a church. They plan to use the pulpit as a platform for political endorsements, flouting a federal law that th 
Richard Deyoung
Dallas Seminary Goes on Record – Churches Should Follow “Public Policy” Opinion
Words Eye View
Dallas Seminary Goes on Record – Churches Should Follow “Public Policy”
Greg J. Dixon
   Following is an email exchange between Baptist Pastor Sam Adams, John McGough, and Jason Wiesepape, Research Assistant to the President of Dallas Theological Seminary in which they discuss the IRS tax-exempt scheme for churches.
Group rallies to protest pastor's message
09-07-2009  •  East Valley Tribune 

More than 70 people participated in a “love rally” to counter a church they say preaches hate Sunday morning.

Protestors flashed peace signs as they held signs with slogans like like “Love thy neighbor” and “Who would Jesus hate?” as they stood outside the Tempe shopping center that houses the Faithful Word Baptist Church Sunday morning. Passing motorists regularly waved and honked car horns.


Powell Gammill
Molotov Cocktails’ Thrown Into Massachusetts Church
07-06-2009  •  WCVB TV 
The remnants of two makeshift bombs were found inside a Brockton church on Sunday, Police believe the devices may have failed to ignite or catch fire after they were hurled through an open window at the church,

Jim Stachowiak
Pipe bomb discovered inside church
07-05-2009  •  WIVB 
Investigators are now asking for the public’s help in finding the person who threw it inside the church.Someone kicked in a glass door on the side of the building then tossed the pipe bomb inside shortly after ten Saturday night    
Jim Stachowiak
Security Video Shows Attacker At Operation Rescue Headquarters
06-27-2009  •  Operation Rescue 
Operation Rescue has released a video from their security cameras showing the attacker who attempted to disable the security system at OR’s national headquarters yesterday. The suspect in the attack remains at large.The video shows the suspect lurking about before the incident.  
Jim Stachowiak
Prayer Police Strike Again….The Rest of the Story Opinion
Prayer Police Strike Again….The Rest of the Story
Dave Hodges
   In situations involving conflict, there are two sides to every story and the truth generally lies in the middle. This seems to be the case involving Pastor Michael Salman and his battle with the City of Phoenix and his own neighborhood over Salman’s right to engage in religious worship in a quiet, well-to-do neighborhood.


Phoenix Police Invade Home Church
06-18-2009  •  Phoenix New Times 
Armed officers herded Salman, his wife, their five young daughters, and their visiting friends into the living room — and kept them under watch for 90 minutes looking for evidence that they were holding church services in their backyard. 
Trouser Chili
Feature Article
"New Age" Psychobabble Being Swallowed By A Few.
Call Me Oyate
   From MNN Mohawk Nation News,, via email. Real reporting from real indians.
Terence McKenna - Seeking the Stone Part 1
01/14/09  • 
An eloquent perspective by Terence McKenna on an idea of a spiritual path and an impending transformation of the human world. In his singularly lucid, prosaic style, McKenna presents profoundly compelling ideas that challenge our beliefs and encourag 
Morpheus Titania
Retirement to 'Blow Your Mind'
10/07/08  • 
Retiree wants you to 'blow your mind' at his new church - that literally goes up in holy smoke. Bernard von NotHaus, who recently retired, explains that now is the time to get high and talk to God. So he founded the Free Marijuana Church t 
Morpheus Titania
Letters to the Editor
Keep Church & State Separate
Written by: BeatTheChip
   While the Constitution protects freedom of religion, it would be foolish to ignore religion in world power and its influence in US politics. Religious entitlements in government have crept up in US politics, as they always have in world politics, b

100 Pastors Vow to Defy IRS – Faith or Folly? Opinion
Words Eye View
100 Pastors Vow to Defy IRS – Faith or Folly?
Greg J. Dixon
   The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) is actively recruiting pastors to challenge the so-called, “Johnson Law” on September 28 and preach a sermon from the pulpit in which they will advocate the support of particular candidates...
Bush to Rebuild Mosque; Christian Church in U.S. Bulldozed after Attorney General Orders It Seized Opinion
Words Eye View
Bush to Rebuild Mosque; Christian Church in U.S. Bulldozed after Attorney General Orders It Seized
Greg J. Dixon
   CNN News reported on February 22, 2008 that President Bush has vowed to rebuild a Moslem mosque that is suspected of being destroyed by al-Qaeda.
L. Ron Hubbard: Scientology Saint or Black Magic Sinner?
06-27-2008  •  Ginn 
Numerous websites extol the virtues of the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard’s son tells a different story: one of drugs, money, Satanism and black magic. 
Randy Ricochet
Scientology Followers Cruised on Ship Containing Deadly Blue Asbestos For Past 21 Years
06-13-2008  •  Ginn 
The Church of Scientology’s cruise ship, the Freewinds, has been put under lock and key after blue asbestos, was discovered on the ship. Yet the Church was notified 21 yrs ago of its existence. Every single person who sailed on the ship since 1987 wa 
Randy Ricochet
Scientology - Anonymous CyberWars: The YouTube Battle
06-04-2008  •  Ginn 
Recently DBKP wrote of the Cyber-War being waged between the mysterious group known as Anonymous and the Church of Scientology. While looking for Scientology's take on the matter, we came across the remnants of one of their battles--on YouTube. 
Randy Ricochet
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