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Chris Duane (Dont-Tread-On.Me, SIlver Shield, and YouTube Greatest Truth Never Told) comes on the show to provide and update on the precious metals market, especially silver. Bob Anderson drops by the studio to offer his perspective

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In this exclusive interview with Birch Gold Group, former Congressman Ron Paul shares his opinions on a number of topics, including investing in physical gold and silver, the future of the U.S. dollar and the role of the Federal Reserve.

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Meanwhile, with her eventual JPM departure and the statute of limitations on the CFTC’s silver investigation set to run out at five years, the mega scandal that should have been on the headlines years ago – silver manipulation in service of capping g

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Bernard von NotHaus (creator of the Liberty Dollar) tells us his story - Ty Loomis and Matt McKinney (founders of the Intellectual Revolution) explain their mission to assist in humanity’s evolution by providing quality information, which promotes cr

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